Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please, No More Snow! LOL

I can say that all I want, but it looks like the snow is determined to break its own record set in the 1800's. We only have a few inches more to go to reach that goal. The latest weather forcast predicts more snow, ice and rain. Thankfully, a lot of what we had so far has finally melted. I can't wait to see the ground again.

This was taken early last week. That little spot of black near the street is my mailbox.

Here is a closer view of the mailbox and the street. The banks were getting high.

This is the path leading from the house to the driveway. The snow on the path itself was a good six inches of an ice pack dusted with snow. The sides just kept growing taller and taller.

I have to admit that as weary as I am of all this snow, it sure is pretty glistening in the sun!


Mary said...


It looks like you have even more snow than we do. It has been mild here the last couple of days and so some of it has melted. However, the snowbank at the end of Barry and Michelle's driveway is almost as high as their van.

I too can't wait to see the ground. It seems like a long time since I've seen it. I would like to know if my snowdrops have bloomed. They usually do about this time but they're buried under a couple of feet of snow.

Take care. Love your St. Patrick's Day graphics. It will soon be here and then it's just a short while to Easter.


Tina Coruth said...


I hope your snowdrops will be okay! The crocus should be popping up soon, too. Hopefully, the snow will melt quickly.

Thank you for the compliment on the St. Patrick's Day graphics. You know how I love St. Patrick's Day! LOL With Easter coming just a week later, I will have to skip the Paddy's Day dinner this year. But I do have my Irish Soda bread. The kids and I will have a paddy's day breakfast on Monday. :-)

I hope you getting your strength back. I was very happy to read that Michelle is doing well.

Take care.

Michele said...

Amazing! That's a LOT of snow! Thanks for letting us have a sneak peek into your snowy wonderland. :-)

Sounds like from your previous post you've had computer woes like I've been having. I'm back too and good to go now. :-)


P.S. Maybe some sunshine will warm up your area and melt the snow away soon....

storyteller said...

That certainly is a lot of snow … and it is pretty glistening in the sun like that, but I can understand why you’re ready for some relief. It’s mid-March already! Thanks for sharing with those of us who seldom, if ever, see snow …(except on distant mountaintops).
Hugs and blessings,

deborah wilson said...


OMG! You were snowed in!

It's beautiful to see though. I'm ready for spring too, today it was so warm, about 73. I had some free time, so I went for a hike, taking in the sun. I hope the weather gets better for you.

Tina Coruth said...


I'm sorry to learn that you have been plagued with computer problems, too. I'm glad you are back online!!

Today was a nice day. It almost hit fifty degrees. There is a lot of melting going on, but a lot more is needed. I still can't see the ground! Tonight we are supposed to get a small snow event - 1 to 3 inches. At least it's not the 8 to 12 that was the norm for so long. LOL

Smiling right back at you,

Tina Coruth said...

Hi Storyteller,

I sure enjoy looking at your photos of lemon trees and flowers! Usually by this time of year the snow is gone or just about gone. It has to melt sometime! LOL


Tina Coruth said...

Hi Deborah,

Seventy-three degrees sounds heavenly! Sounds like you had a great day. I'm looking forward to going for walks. I think we are all getting cabin fever, even my dog, Oscar. LOL

Thank you for your good wishes!


Renie Burghardt said...


Snow is pretty glistening in the sun, as long as it's not in my yard! LOL.



Tina Coruth said...


I think I would enjoy it better, too, if it was not in my backyard! LOL