Sunday, November 25, 2007

What Kind of Friend...

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Supportive

You are almost like a life coach for your best friends.

You give them help when they need it... but you also know when to give them a push.

People tend to rely on you for moral support and advice.

You've probably always been mature for your age, so this is a role that's you're comfortable with.

A friend like you is one of the rarest kinds.

You are both a good mentor and companion.

Your friends need you most when: They are confused or worried.

You really can't be friends with: Someone who only wants to complain.

Your friendship quote: "The only way to have a friend is to be one."

I saw this at Michele's Writing the Cyber Highway as part of her "Fun Weekend" posts. Join in the fun!


Michele said...

Hi Tina,

As I suspected, you're quite the wonderful friend! Thanks for playing along and having a little "weekend fun!"

Smiles always,

Tina Coruth said...

Hi Michele,

It was fun to answer the questions to see how it would turn out. Thank you, friend! :-)

Smiling right back at you,

Grandy said...

Hi Tina;
I found you through Michele's site. I like what your friendship quiz says about you...and My color is Purple too (from your post last week). :)

Tina Coruth said...

Hi Grandy,

Thank you. I'm so glad you stopped by. It's nice to meet another "purple" person! :-)


Renie Burghardt said...


It seems you're a great friend to have! But we already know that about you.



Tina Coruth said...

Thank you, Renie! :-)