Saturday, August 30, 2008


One of the six hummingbirds visiting the feeders this summer. They are such a joy to watch! (Click the photo to enlarge.) :-)


Jo said...

Aren't they beautiful? I have always been captivated by these tiny little feathered ones. It amazes me how they are so tiny yet so perfect.

Tina Coruth said...

Hi Jo,

Yes, I love watching hummingbirds. They are so beautiful and delicate - yet quite sturdy. I read recently that some hummingbirds migrate to South America by flying over the Gulf of Mexico!!! It is hard to imagine.

Thank you for visiting! :-)


storyteller said...

I love to watch the hummingbirds that hang around my yard too. Nice photo ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

deborah wilson said...

A perfect pic of a hummingbird - I bet it was hard to get. They move so swiftly! I saw a few around my plum tree last month, but haven't seen them since - wonder where they went?

Mary said...


What a beautiful photo of the hummer. I enjoy watching this tiny creatures feeding. They are my mother's favorite bird.

Sorry that you can't be a part of the Harvest Giveaway. Sending you an email.


Mary said...

PS. It seems that I don't have your email addy since my computer crashed. Please drop me a line so I can add it to my address book.

fishing guy said...

Tina: I love to see hummers, the are so quick.

Tina Coruth said...

Thank you, Storyteller! hugs, Tina :-)

Deborah, they are quick, but we have feeders around the deck. I sit very still and wait. Often, as I raise the camera ever so slowly, I find the hummer is gone. LOL But in each session, I usually manage to get a shot or two. Thank you!

Thank you, Mary. It's okay about the giveaway. It's lovely and so nice of you to do. I will send an email to your tonight. hugs, Tina

Thank you for commenting on my hummer shot, Fishing Guy. Those hummers sure are quick. It's a lot of fun to watch them.

Karen said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and for the very nice to meet you !

smilnsigh said...

How did you manage to capture one, in a photo?!? Amazing!

Miss Mari-Nanci
Smilnsigh blog

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Tina,

Beautiful shot of the hummy. I have never seen one like this one. We have the ruby throated ones around here. I manage to capture them occassionally, but they are never as good as yours is.

Again, sorry I am late. Have another fun filled day at the cabin tomorrow (hee hee) this time with some girl friends, then it's time to get back to doing something around here.

Hope your Labor Day weekend has been great, my friennd.



SandyCarlson said...

That is a wonderful photo of a challenging subject.

Linda said...

Eventhough birds frighten me, I'm infatuated by the hummingbirds. I've never seen one like this. Very pretty.

Eve said...

You don't get a chance to see them quiet like that too often. He is so pretty/ or she! Is there a difference between the way a boy and girl look?

Tina Coruth said...

Karen, thank you for dropping by. It's very nice to meet you! :-) Tina

Miss Mari-Nanci, it has taken a lot of practice and patience. I have a lot of photos that could be captioned - "This is where a hummingbird was a second ago!" LOL
The feeders help a lot. If I sit still with the camera in hand, I am likely to get a shot. Thank you for stopping by. :-) Tina

Renie, thank you! This is a female ruby throated hummingbird. Only the males have the ruby color. The males are very territorial, so I'm guessing that any females that dropped by may have been driven off before you got a chance to see them. Please don't apologize for being late. I'm always glad to see you and I'm happy that you are off having a good time!!! :-)
Hugs, Tina

Thank you, Sandy! :-) Tina

Thank you, Linda! Hummingbirds sure are fun. :-) Tina

Thank you, Eve! Yes, this is a ruby-throated female. She is larger than the male and has white tipped tailfeathers. And of course, the male has a ruby colored throat. It's really striking. :-) Tina

Jon Cox said...

OHH WOW!! Beautiful photo! :o)

kari and kijsa said...

Happy Labor Day! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!

kari & kijsa

Nonna said...

Thats a great shot!!

I just love hummingbirds!

Susie said...

We love these little visitors to our garden too! Ours stay here year round which is doubly nice.
You got such a great photo!

Tommy said...

nice picture of the hummingbird. I love to watch and photo these little birds. I did a whole week on them in my blog.

Mary said...


Hummers are beautiful and a delight to watch. I only saw one this summer, but they have been around other places. At one time there were very few left here but they're making a comeback.

Please drop over to my Writing Nook and pick up a little something I left for you there.

Blessings for a great weekend.

Mountain Mama said...

Hummer's are so cute. I have had quite a few this summer but they haven't been at the feeder for the past week. I think they are moving on.